TF-SIF, Dash 8 Q 300

The basic aircraft platform for this system is the Bombardier Dash8Q 300 aircraft.
Modified into Maritime Surveillance Aircraft by Field Aviation in Canada.

The Dash 8 is a high wing aircraft powered by two Pratt & Whitney 123B turboprop engines. The aircraft is able to
operate from short airfields, and at maximum weights and with all civil reserve factors included, requires less than a
1,300 m (4,279 ft) runway for take-off and landing over standard (ISA) conditions.
The primary objectives for the aircraft system are defined as:

• Environmental protection – combating and preventing pollution at sea.
• Protection against accidents – preventative surveillance and participation in rescue at sea.
• Transport supervision – marine traffic and safety at sea.
• Food policy – fishing control.
• Judicial system – police activity, including border controls for persons at sea.
• Tax, customs duty and other charges – customs check and border controls for goods at sea.

Two pilots and a mission crew of two operators and two observers. Human comfort is of paramount importance for crew efficiency and awareness during long missions, and this requires that the MSA provides a good total work environment.

Maximum takeoff weight
18,734 kg. (41,300 lbs).

2.200 Nm (4,100 km).

10 hours.

Cruising speed
Normal cruising speed 180-240 kn, maximum 258 kn, minimum 95 kn.

Communication system
The MSA communication system provides voice and data capability and covers marine, land and
air VHF frequencies, UHF and HF as well as Satcom. In addition the MSA is equipped to be
compatible with the next generation of the Icelandic Coast Guard´s own communications system.

Surveillance sensors and SAR equipment

The Dash8 Q300 MSA´s primary sensor for long range, large area surveillance and detection is the
Elta EL/M – 2022 (V) 3 maritime search radar. The antenna is installed in a randome underneath
the center of the fuselage, thus giving the radar a full and unobstructed 360°field of view. Thimynd5_ASs
radar is capable of detecting small targets in rough seas as well as larger targets at ranges up to
the radar horizon when the aircraft flies at its maximum operating altitude of 25,000 ft.
To facilitate closer inspection of targets the MSA is equipped with Wescam MX-15 which provides
stabilized day and night imagery. It also allows the operator to read ship names in very low light
conditions. The aircraft will also be quickly detect and map any pollution at sea. The aircraft is
equipped with a large rear cargo door which can be opened in flight for dropping of life rafts and
other survival equipment.

Display and Management System
The Dash 8 Q300 MSA is equipped with two identical forward facing operator consoles for sensor
controls and display. The Mission Management System (MMS), is supplied by L-3 communications
– Integrated Systems, gives each operator a total mission view including MSA

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