Icelandic EOD


The role of the ICG bomb disposal unit/EOD is to locate and destroy hazardous explosive items both on land and at sea.

The ICG Bomb Disposal Unit personnel are trained and operate according to NATO standards and are highly experienced. The unit's equipment is also highly specialised and includes remotely operated vehicles (robots), which can be used in a variety of roles in bomb disposal operations, and two specially equipped trucks, which are used to transport the robots and other necessary equipment between locations.

Bomb Disposal at Sea and on Land

The operations of the Bomb Disposal Unit consist of disabling and disposing of explosives in the waters around Iceland. Due to the expert knowledge of the unit´s staff, it has also been employed with bomb disposal and connected tasks on land and has furthermore conducted the fire arm training of ICG crews.

All members of the Bomb Disposal Unit have undergone special training and are authorized to carry out the disposal of explosives. At other times, however, they can also hold permanent positions in other ICG units.

ICG´s Bomb Disposal Unit's operations include:

-          Disposal of bombs and other hazardous items entangled in fishing equipment, found at sea,  on beaches or on land

-          Search for explosives in vessels and aircraft

-          Clearing of military territory

-          Fire arms training for ICG units

-          Training and instruction in searching for and disposing of explosives

-          Security services in ports on arrival of foreign military ships

-          Search for explosives in ports

-          Communication with various experts, including police forces

-          Training of Peace Corps crews and participation in Peace Corps operations

-          Assistance to energy companies in projects including ground drilling

The ICG´s Bomb Disposal Unit also assists the NATO air force in airspace policing operations over Iceland and offers a number of training courses for air-raid protection in Keflavik, for other staff of the ICG, customs authorities, the Occupational Safety and Health Authority, the Foreign Ministry with regards to the operations of the Peace Corps as well as the special forces operating under the National Commissioner of Police.

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