ICGV ÆGIR – General  Information

Built 1968 in Aaalborg Værft A/S,  Denmark.AegirIMGP4643a
Class:  Lloyd´s Registered – Ice strengthened.
Radio Call Sign (c/s)  TFTA.
IMO Nr.  6821585
Flight deck and hangar for light type helicopters.
Roll stabilizing system not installed.
Three anchors fitted, two on each bow and one in the stern.
Helicopter In Flight Refueling System (HIFR)
Towing winch for salvage operation.
Complement:  Regular crew 18,  normally two divers included.  Accommodation for 65 persons.

Length (LOA):    70.10 m
Length (PP):    64.90 m
Width:    10.00 m
Depth:      8.10 m
Draught:      6.00 m
Gross tonnage:    1257
Nett tonnage:    377
Displacement, tons:    1536  full load – 1144 light

Main engines    Two M.A.N. diesel, total 6330 kW – Two  shafts – CP Propellers  – Two  rudders.
Aux Engines    Three Caterpillar diesel engine,  1 x 216 kW, 1 x 265 kW and 1 x 350 kW.
Bow thruster    One  245 kW.
Speed    19 kts (max).
Bollard Pull (BP)    55 tons.
Range (full load)    5.500 NM at 12 kts   //  3.700 NM at 18 kts  //  Reserve fuel 25 %

-    One  40 mm gun / Bofors / L60 – Mk.3
-    Variety of light arms.

Various  Equipment
-    Two deck crane,  55 metric tons on stb side and 14 metric tons on port side. Used for boat operation and navigation buoy maintenance etc.
-    Springer MP 800  Fast Rescue Craft/ boarding boat.  All aluminium hull,  Jet Drive,  speed 30+ kts.
-    Valiant V570  Rigit Inflatable hard bottom, MOB and boarding boat. Outboard motor.
-    Zodiac Mk III –  Inflatable soft bottom boat. Outboard motor, for beach landing etc.
-    Zodiac Mk IV HD –  Inflatable soft bottom boat. Outboard motor, for beach landing etc.
-    Eight  portable salvage and fire fighting water pumps.
-    Two portable electric generators for salvage and rescue operations.
-    Portable smoke extraction fan.

Modifications and Upgrades
1987    245 kW  Bow thruster installed.
1997    Among modifications in Swinoujscie/Poland:  Heated Radar dome installed on top of bridge tower, contains one radar antenna and variety of communications and navigational antennas. Helicopter landing deck extended (enlarged) aft and areas below enclosed for crew protection. Fixed pilot ladders on both sides. New 16 ton ballast tank installed in Sonar compartment and 30 ton weight added on keel.   One auxilliary engine renewed in Reykjavik.
2001    Among modifications in Swinoujscie/Poland: Single rudder blade renewed with twin Barkemeyer rudder blades.  Sewage tank installed in Sonar compartment. Extensive maintenance work on hull, tanks and equipment.  In Reykjavik, new gallow type mast for SATCOM antennas installed between funnels.
2005    Swinoujscie/Poland:  Bridge (A + B deck) renewed with a enlarged navigation bridge.  New radars (X and S band), navigations- and communications (SATCOM) equipment installed.  Towing winch replaced with new 46 ton remote controlled towing winch, drum capacity 2700 meters of 40mm wire.  All interiors, crew quarters and sickbay renewed.
2006    V-SAT communication system operational on board.  Antenna placed on bridge tower, above and abaft the radar dome.

Operational Tasks
-    Law enforcement and fishery protection duties.
-    Surveillance.
-    Assertion of sovereignty.
-    Search and Rescue (SAR).
-    Assistance to local authorities and population (Civil Protection act).
-    Enviromental and pollution control.
-    Ice reconnaissance.

KÞJ/May 2010

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